Icon PNG Image Maker as AWS Lambda Function

Calvin,1 min read

This is inspired by placeholder image generator websites, which allows user to generate placeholder images with custom text, color and size. I wanted to create something similar for icon images, so I can quickly generate icon images for my webapps. Packaging it into a Lambda function makes it easy to deploy and use without having to worry about the infrastructure.

To improve efficiency, I decided to preprocess the icon packages and store them in the Lambda function. This way, the function can be invoked directly without having to download the icon packages from the internet. I also decided to use the Sharp (opens in a new tab) library for image processing, which is a Node.js library for image processing. It is very fast and efficient, and it is also available as a Lambda layer.

The following is an example:

You can access the function directly using the following URL:

https://2clyd36nhhjfx2sdbzy2cu4kp40maktl.lambda-url.ap-southeast-1.on.aws/?package=fa-regular&icon=address-book&color=FFFFFF&background=FF6600&zoom=0.80&size=100 (opens in a new tab)

I have also created a frontend for this Lambda function, which allows you to generate the URL easily. You can access it here: